Karnataka – A Rich Heritage

The State of Mysore as it was originally known, Karnataka has a culture immensely rich and the stories of which dates back to thousands of years. From the period of Paleolithic age to 2017, the rich heritage of the state is preserved with utmost care and attention. Not only the state has a rich history but has something more to offer, The Excitement, Adventure and Vigor that one can feel while exploring the states is different. From   ancient monuments such as Hampi Group of Monuments to Pattadakal Group of Monuments and to Gol Gumbaz at Bijapur and to the mighty Mysore Palace in Karnataka, Karnataka will delight you from the start.

Not only the State has rich heritage but also boasts number of hill stations to chill you during the summer heat. Hill stations such as Coorg and Chikmagalur are best places to rejuvenate surrounded by the mountains and hill station. Camping at Coorg is no less than a mesmerizing experience. Feel the misty mountains and soothing breeze and doze off to the starry nights in the lap of nature at Coorg. Karnataka not only offers beauty in the form of hill station or its rich ancient monuments and temples, but it has lot of room for the adventure lovers. Dandeli, offers unmatched parallel experience in form of adventure activates  such as Kayaking, canyoning, water rafting, over night rafting etc and is known as white water rafting destinations in India.Home to exotic species of animals, as it is considered as the second largest wildlife sanctuary of Karnataka. The Sanctuary is fed by River Kaneri and River Nagajhari.

Karnataka is home to some of the exotic waterfalls in India. From the famous Jog Falls, to Abbey Falls, Hebbe falls to Sathodi falls to Unchalli falls to name few, shall make you fall in love with it. Dive in the beautiful waterfalls to feel the gush of water falling from great heights giving you unmatched experience and excitement.

Famous for its festivity, Karnataka offers splendid, known as the land of fiestas and festivals, Karnataka’s festival of Dussehra, is celebrated in grand style with love and vigor. The rich festival creates an amazing experience of vibrance and happiness. The festival of Dussehra is celebrated in Mysore. Apart from Dussehra, the states famously celebrate Makar Sakranti in Kununurra. Every festival has its own style and rich heritage.

Karnataka shall give you millions reason to bask in the glory of its art, culture, music and dance. From the famous Kunitha Dance, a ritual dance to Dollu Kunitha, a dance form accompanied by singing with the beat of decorated drums. Another form of Dance is Yakshagana, a folk theatre of Karnataka depicts the diversity in its culture.

Home of gods, Karnataka has vivid culture, vitality and love that it spreads throughout, in the form of glowing beaches, historic temples, monuments, lush green plains, wildlife sanctuaries, hill stations to relax and rejuvenate and to enjoy adventure activities. You got to experience this state of mystery and rejuvenation. Don’t wait, just pack your bags and leave for the finest adventure of your lifetime.