“Only when at peace, the mind thinks freely and the soul feels light, unburdened from the shackles of daily life”



Nestled between the rough waters of Arabian Sea and beautifully wild, lush green Western Ghats, amidst the pristine backwaters and the mammoth coconut trees. This southern tip of Indian peninsula is a treat to the eyes with it’s staggeringly beautiful beaches and heart-warming coastal delicacies, the soothing aroma of lemongrass, fresh dew and coffee, God’s own country, Kerala.


Derived from Malayalam ‘Kera’ meaning Coconuts and ‘Alam’ meaning Land, hence the locals fondly refer Keralam as ‘Land of Coconuts’

Kerala is also called the “Land of the Gods”- according to a legend, it is believed that here on the kite lies Vishnu, the guardian God of this world. In the Middle Ages, merchants and travellers preferred to call this country “the land of mountains” because of its mountainous terrain. The residents call themselves Malayali (“master of the mountains”), and their country is either Malayalam or Kerala.


It is truly a land of eternal bliss and a tropical paradise with the bewitching beauty of the sun cascading the golden seashores. Abundant coconut palms, scattered fields of plantations and rice, azure lagoons, mighty waterfalls, fascinating diversity of flora and fauna. Centuries-old heritage and traditions, vibrant festivals and dances, and inspiring boat races are the main attractions of Kerala.

Every year hordes of tourists frolic this Southwestern beauty with a different agenda but the same motive- for tranquility and witness the mesmerising beauty. The tropical weather, exotic flora and fauna and ayurvedic heritage draws a lot of yoga enthusiasts for the sole purpose of attaining mental and physical rejuvenation.

Tropical Retreat – Yoga or Ayurveda

Kerala is the birthplace of Ayurveda. Five out of seven tourists always end up at one of the Ayurvedic massage centres: with oils, herbs, bags, stones, or a rejuvenating foot massage (with the help of the feet) – the choice is not easy, but all are extremely relaxing and stress relievers. The age-old therapies, with natural herbs and oils are of tremendous medicinal value and the massage therapies help in curing a lot of physical ailments. Kerala has a plethora of Yoga retreats offering variety of packages taking into consideration your holistic well-being and convenience.

Dance to the beats

Traditionally, Kathakali was performed by Kerala peasants in an open place on a moonlit night, and lasted until dawn. The plot of kathakali, as a rule, are scenes from the ancient Indian epics “Mahabharata” and “Ramayana”. Kathakali is performed by men who are trained in special schools. Training begins at 11 y.o. and lasts for 5-6 years minimum. The main role in Kathakali is given to pantomime and sign language, therefore kathakali performers are considered as the actors, not dancers.

A must Visit

The waterfalls of Mount Ponmudi are a mesmerising sight, with the immense quantum of water and the strong currents. The Kerala Backwaters are a network of natural canals that run lazily within the state. The backwaters are distinguished by the calm, unspoilt beauty of nature, the charming slowness of the life on their shores.

A few places that would enthrall your senses :

  1. Kochi
  2. Wayanad
  3. Thekkady
  4. Munnar
  5. Alleppey
  6. Varkala Beach

Kerala is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. The tropical climate of the Malabar coast, lush vegetation, unique culture and traditions of the region attract a huge number of visitors.

The National Geographic Traveler magazine called Kerala one of the “ten paradisiacal corners of the world” and one of “50 places to visit in life.”

Kerala gives so much bliss and happiness that probably there is no person on the Earth who has not fallen in love with this divine state.

We “The Indian NoMads” invite you on a journey through the Land of Gods – Kerala.

Kerala – Gods own Country