Experiencing The True Colours of Kerala

Calm and composed backwaters of this magical state with laidback houseboat rides, pristine waters and coconut trees mushrooming across the length and breadth.

We are at Gods Own Country – Kerala

The word adventure was incomprehensible standing in the shade of gigantic trees lining the shores of the calm interspersed canals, surrounded by little bamboo huts, serenaded by the aroma of fresh seafood being cooked in coconut oil by a roadside vendor. Being a thrill seeker I yearn for adventure in all my travels and Kerala was no exception. I was ready to hit the road as soon as our hotel reception desk informed us about the plethora of activities we could pack in our itinerary.

Rafting through bamboo groves-Periyar Tiger Reserve

If you want to be in the very epicenter of the picturesque landscapes of Kerala, you should definitely go rafting through bamboo thickets in the Periyar tiger reserve in Thekkady. Periyar valley has 27 tiger reserves and is also home to several species of rare butterflies, animals and birds.

You can choose from a variety of tour operators, according to the packages being offered, some provide a night’s stay in tents in Thekkady. The program cost includes rafting, trekking, breakfast, lunch and evening snacks.As a rule, rafting in the Periyar reserve begins early in the morning, and the whole route takes about 9 hours The tour starts at 8am sharp, after a 5km stretch of trekking through the forest we reached the boat landing, to board our fragile and unstable looking bamboo rafts. There were 10 of us in a batch and each of us was provided with a pair of leech socks. The ride in the rafts is a thrilling and an intimidating experience at the same time, wading through the submerged trees and sighting some elephants and birds on the bank of the lake. Periyar being one of the richest and most biodiverse in the Western Ghats, one can spot animals like elephant, gaur and sambar easily in small herds. The forests are rich in arboreal life like giant squirrel and Nilgiri langur. I felt a sense of  closeness to the natural habitat and ecosystem wherein the animals and birds have made this bamboo thicket their dwelling. The team hitchhikes back to the boat landing by about 5 pm calling it a day.

Canoeing and kayaking

Another attractive and budget friendly option of water acquaintance with the expanses of Kerala is the study of these places on kayaks and canoes. The tours are for 4 hours morning and afternoon trips, 7 or 10-hour day trips, and multi-day village tours can also be arranged. We took our canoe from Kollam to visit Munroe Island, there are a lot of tour operators and local guides who can arrange the same for you at a cost of approximately Rs.300 for a half day tour. The canoe drifts gently through the canals wading amidst the submerged mangroves, the lush green banks lined with coconut and palm trees. Our canoe guide pulled over for us to stretch our legs a bit and took us to a quaint little village where we tasted the locally produced spices – vanilla, turmeric, ginger, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and pepper, grown in gardens alongside pineapples, bananas and many more.

This kayaking tour of Kerala will give you the opportunity to admire the fascinating beauty of dense tropical thickets and their inhabitants.

Mountaineering in Kerala

If you are a fan of mountain climbing, then in Kerala there are several places where you can practice mountaineering skills. One of the most popular places among climbers is the Chambra Peak in the Wayanad district. Climbing this mountain is an adventure for the whole day. But you should take care of protection from mosquitoes and do not forget your sunglasses, as well as water and food. The ascent may be quite steep and complex in places.

Hiking in the Periyar reserve

If you like camping life, then  you can go on a fascinating trek through the forests of Thekkady. This trip is carried out exclusively under the guidance of experienced guides who will guide you through dense thickets of forest and show the most interesting corners of this natural reserve. We had to cook for ourselves, sleep in tents, and if you are lucky, during such a trip you might spot the beast in the wilderness – the Tiger. This fascinating hiking trip will allow you to fully come into contact with the unique nature of the virgin forests of Kerala.

Tree house

One of the popular tourist attractions in Kerala is the opportunity to stay overnight in a tree house and admire the flora and fauna from a height. We were able to witness a playful banter between a mother elephant and her calf, a blue kingfisher, some beautiful butterflies and fireflies outside our tree-house at night. Agree, this is an unforgettable experience! In the mornings you can enjoy the singing of birds and admire the rays of the rising sun, and at sunset you might spot wildlife scurrying amongst the overgrown trees for night hunting.

This accommodation is offered at many resorts and lets one experience the beauty down below from a hunter’s point of view.

Uncanny photo safari

Living in a tree house will allow you to get a little idea about the inhabitants of the forests of Kerala, but the photo shoot will prove to be an even more fascinating option to get acquainted with the local fauna. The diversity of the flora and fauna of this region of India not only conquers you but also makes you think about the importance of preserving natural beauty. Kerala State is a unique place in its natural beauty of India. There are many interesting places and lots of opportunities for unforgettable adventures and impressions. In addition to the above-mentioned entertainment, you can also carry out a fascinating walk on elephants or take part in temple ceremonies. In addition, here you can go surfing, diving, paragliding, cycling

In general, for lovers of adventure Kerala is a real paradise where there is no limit.

Kerala – Gods own Country